Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our engagement photos!!

So haven't posted in a long while, I as those of you who know me or have followed me know was a stage 4 cancer survivor, well I've been fighting once again. 
I had been having pain and issues in the summer of 2012, found out I once again had cancer.
It was so very upsetting as you can imagine just got engaged, just moved closer to family in VA and NC.. then Bam. I had one of the most severe surgeries know to man back in Oct 2012 called the Whipple procedure. They take out part of your colon, pancreas, bile duct, small intestine, stomach and in my case they also took out part of my right kidney, (which will eventually no longer be functioning), and my gallbladder. My fiance has been there EVERY STEP of the way. :) He quit his job he had just gotten in VA, and came back up to NJ to be with me while I undergo radiation and once again chemo treatments.
We have been getting through this together, it has made us stronger, I have grown closer to God and James and I have more love in our relationship than most will ever know :) I feel so incredibly blessed, and I hope this is the second and final time I have to battle this beast named Cancer. Looking forward to spending the rest of my days with my prince charming I KNOW was sent to me!
Till my next post!
Also here is our wedding website! Feel free to stop by! http://www.theknot.com/wedding/McRoy-and-Disney

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