Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back up and running :)

YAY!!! Finally done with chemo, radiation, and have healed up nicely from my major surgery :) God is good!!
James and I have recently gotten all moved down to NC, (finally with my family again!), James is hard at work on getting a job, (so proud of him!)
We have our first wedding cake tasting tomorrow, yay! We just signed our contract with our venue here in Greenville, and also with our DJ! Things are really getting underway. I have to say, never thought I could have done all this planning by myself! But researching and sending off emails to many people to get the best deals on the best vendors while I was sick helped my mind stay off of everything that was going on at the time :)
Oh, not sure if I mentioned.. I was asked to be filmed for the show, "SAY YES TO THE DRESS!" :)
At first I didn't want to, but after they where kind enough to give me a $2500 gift certificate towards a dress,  I agreed :) Plus I would love to share my story to inspire other young women that might be going through this same ordeal.
So flying back up to NYC the 27th, to be filmed the 28th, I AM SOOOO NERVOUS!! I just hope I can put my nerves aside and be able to pick my gown!!
So happy to be back on my feet, getting better and better everyday that goes by. My AMAZING sweet agents at Wilhelmina modelogic in VA have been SO patient while waiting for me to get better :) I just sent my new updated snap shots in my bikini, and they still think i am just as beautiful, yay! :)
Also a TOP agency in Miami I used to be with, I sent a few of my snaps, and they want to rep me again :)
Makes me feel good I still seem to be meant to do this :) Battle scar and all :,)
The following are a few snap shots, these are agency shots meaning you are as you are, no photoshop, no makeup or anything fancy. THIS IS ME. way too skinny, but just taken after ending my chemo may 20th!
Stay real!

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