Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New year, New me, New life

G'Day y'all!
Its been awhile, wedding planning is like a full time job!
  I said "YES" to the dress  back in July 2013, was able to share my story, meet some amazing sweet people and gain a stunning wedding gown!
I have also finally gotten back to modeling in between gaining my strength back, wedding planning and dealing with the everyday stresses of life. Yeah plenty of those!

With the "big day" less than 2 months away, (April 5th 2014), I was just emailed by a few folks from different departments of TLC with talks of doing press releases and other such things for my upcoming episode for "Say yes to the dress".  I know many girls/woman might have done the show for those 15 minutes, but I personally just wanted to get my story out there and show people their is hope and life after cancer. I hope my story helps 100's or maybe 1000's, but if I can inspire and touch just one person, and show them how good God is, I will be happy.

I figured I would show some photos from some of my recent shoots after having cancer a second time.
Shot by a photographer I have worked with many times the amazing Mr. John Cooper of NYC,(1,2,3,7,8) and adorable local photographer Heather Elizabeth (4,5,6) :-)
Enjoy, take care, and GOD BLESS!
p.s. my episode will air feb 21st ;)

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  1. Hi Ashely. I am watching you on Say Yes to the Dress now and found your blog. Just wanted to say I am also a stage 4 colon cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at age 30 and have been cancer free for three years now. It was great for you to share your story and you look beautiful in your wedding dress. I also like to spread the message of hope and encouragement for others. There is life after cancer. I just had my second baby! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and best wishes for a happy and healthy future!